Record Every Memorable Moment

135° lens or 185° wide angle lens,
F2.2 for nighttime capture,
Full HD with CMOS sensor
captures movement
crisply and clearly.


The Quintessential Full-Featured ACTION CAMERA QBiC

135° lens or 185° wide angle lens, F2.2 for nighttime capture

Natural images with less distortion

QBiC multi-purpose camera with ELMO's exclusive super wide angle lens can capture the moment in HD with reduced distortion.

Horizontal angle of view Vertical angle of view
X1 135° 80°
D1 185° 120°

Indoor & Outdoor

High sensitivity lens captures the night

The multi-purpose camera, QBiC, captures images at night with the quality and sensitivity of a professional security camera. Capture objects clearly even in moonlight. Minimum illumination of 2.5 lux.

LED lighting in case of emergency

Equipped with a one push LED light. Perfect for shooting in dark, narrow places or to illuminate the way.

Waterproof to 23 feet (IPX8)

Don't worry about shooting in the rain or around water.
For more details about waterproof capability. (PDF)


Record movies and images from anywhere with real time wireless control.

Download the QBiC App QBiC Air for your iPhoneR, iPadR, iPod touchR or Android? device to view and control your QBiC remotely.

Features of QBiC Air App
Video recording
Start/stop video recording
Network settings
Setup the infrastructure/adhoc network/security/and camera switching options.
Photo shooting
Take a photo
Security settings
By setting up a password, live view can be displayed on a specified monitor.
Camera settings
Display the remaining camera battery life, maximum duration of shooting and resolution settings.
Camera switching
Select the monitoring camera among multiple QBiCs in network and display live view.
Interval recording settings
Set the wait time and recording interval for the interval recording. Select interval recording ON or OFF.
GPS settings
Select GPS ON or OFF & assisted GPS setting* ON or OFF.
Other settings
Set up auto power off and change frame rate settings for live view.
Interval shooting settings
Select image quality and setting up LED lights ON or OFF.

* Assisted GPS setting ... Function which allows you to sync time stamp between QBiC and GPS.

Beautiful & Long

Various recording options to meet your shooting purpose.

Image quality & recording time

3 resolutions available: Full HD/HD/VG. Max recording time: 22 hours.

Full HD 4hours
HD 9hours
VGA 22hours
Interval & time lapse shooting

Record still images at particular intervals by setting the time between shots.

Wait time 0sec - 72hours
Shooting interval 1sec - 72hours*

* When using QBiC Setup Tool
QBiC Air allows you to set up interval time from one second to 24 hours.


Use image map software

Records present location and path.

Compatible with NMEA-0183 format. Three dimensional GPS data (Longitude, Latitude and Altitude) are recorded to Exif tags (for photos) or a log file (for movies, recorded every five seconds). Your memorable journey can be mapped using internet mapping software that supports GPS. Please refer to the user manual for more details.

Compatible software
Video GoogleMap
Photo Google Picasa, Flickr


Use it in every activity.

Attach QBiC to your vehicle, bicycle, helmet and/or your body and shoot. Various accessories are available for your outdoor activities. Please refer to the accessory page for more details.

QBiC Setup Tool

Interval shooting and detailed camera settings are possible without dedicated App QBiC AIR if QBiC Setup Tool is installed into a computer. There are also special settings available only for QBiC Setup Tool such as contrast settings. QBiC Setup Tool can be downloaded from the QBiC website under support page.


QBiC X1 Titanium gray Product number:2490-1
Wine red Product number:2490-2
QBiC D1 Titanium gray Product number:2491-1
Wine red Product number:2491-2

QBiC X1/D1

USB Cable, WiFi Card, microSD Card, Battery pack, QBiC Quick Start Guide, The Warranty

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