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June 11, 2013 QBiC Air App for iOS devices has been upated

QBiC Instruction Manual

Click here to download the setting information of camera and application.
Please read carefully this instruction manual before using this product.

Download the QBiC Instruction Manual
Last updated : Feb. 1, 2013 Format:PDF(2.7MB)

QBiC Quick Guide

Click here to download QBiC Quick Guide (included in the package, Start-Up Guide & Important Safeguards).

Dounload the QBiC Quick Guide
Last updated : Dec. 28, 2012 Format:PDF(2.47MB)
Download the QBiC Instruction Manual
Last updated : Dec. 28, 2012 Format:PDF(4.97MB)

QBiC Setup Tool

QBiC Setup Tool is a convenient tool to check and configure the settings of QBiC via PC. QBiC Air is not necessary. When you connect the QBiC via Infrastructure mode, the QBiC Setup Tool is required to use to configure the necessary settings.

QBiC Setup Tool for Windows
Last updated : May 16, 2013 Format:zip (10.4MB) Ver.1.00.037
QBiC Setup Tool for Mac
Last updated : Dec. 1, 2012 Format:pkg(7.67MB)
[ Supported OS ]
Windows: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7
Mac: OSX 10.6 / 10.7
・Data download time differs from the internet environment and line.
・USB cable (included in the package) is necessary to use QBiC Setup Tool.
・Click here for all the available settings included in QBiC Setup Tool.
・Check the "QBiC Instruction Manual" for details about the QBiC Setup Tool.

QBiC App QBiC Air

QBiC Air App lets you use your smartphone/tablet device as QBiC remote controller

  • Download from AppStore
  • Download from GooglePlay
Using QBiC Air application
[ Supported OS ]
iOS (iPhone、iPad、iPod touch): Refer to APP Store for the supported versions.
Android: Refer to Google Play for the supported versions.
*We do not guarantee the operation with all the devices.
・Communication may be interferred by certain location, and condition, and any other circumstances.
A wireless acess point is required to use if connecting the camera in Infrastructure mode.
・Click here to check the available functions included in QBiC Air.
The notification of searching QBiC Air App in iPad App Store (iOS 6 or later)
When you use iPad with iOS 6.0 or later installed and search "QBiC Air" in App Store, QBiC Air may not be found in the search result.
In that case plase implement one of the following workaround and download QBiC Air App in your device.
[Method 1]
Input "ELMO" in App Store to search. If "QBiC Air" is found, tap it and dowload "QBiC Air" application.
If it is not found, repeat searching until "QBiC Air" is found.
[Method 2]
Connect iPad and PC and then open iTuens. Search [QBiC Air] in iTues.
Please pay attention to the synchronization of the device and any other operations followed by connecting your device to iTunes.
ELMO shall not be held responsible for any trouble caused by the operations you take.

QBiC brochure

Download QBiC brouchure.

Dounload the QBiC brochure
Last updated : Jan. 15, 2013 Format:pdf(1.25MB)
microSD card operation information
The following information shows that the cards in the below have been tested to verify the operation with QBiC.
We do not guarantee the microSD card operation.
Manufacturer Capacity Class
SanDisk 8GB Class 6
Panasonic 8GB Class 10
Silicon-Power 8GB Class 10
TDK 8GB Class 10
KINGMAX 32GB Class 10
SanDisk 32GB UHS-1 Class 6